Palmetto Packings

Palmetto Packings is a leading manufacturer of high-quality packing materials for pumps and valves. Packing rings are used to provide a "compression seal" for pumps and valves.


Packing is also called pump packing, valve packing, braided packing, compression packing, rope packing and mechanical packing. With over 100 years of demonstrated material expertise, we provide good customer value across a wide variety of industries.

We offer many different packing materials from PTFE, carbon, PTFE/graphite like 100% GFO®, aramid, flax, acrylic, flexible graphite, novoloid, graphite and more. Palmetto offers custom engineered packings and ring sets.

You can trust Palmetto

You can trust Palmetto to keep your business running and manage your most critical sealing applications. Palmetto offers packing sizes from 1/8" to 1-1/2" inch square, and in some metric sizes. Packaging in 1#, 5#, 10# boxes and 25# and 50# reels. Available in KG upon request. Lengths are available in feet or meters.

Custom ring sets can be made to order using multiple materials. Palmetto has a large inventory of standard size dies to press formed rings.

Palmetto, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greene, Tweed & Co., a global leader in innovative, custom-engineered solutions for the Aerospace, Oilfield, Energy and Semiconductor industries.