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General Service Packings

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Flax-Ramie1600General Service (marine, economical)Flax-Ramie with talo wax lubricant
Flax w/ PTFE1613General Service (marine, economical)Flax with PTFE coating
Acrylic / Graphite1007AFGeneral Service (economical)Acrylic with graphite & lubricant
Acrylic / PTFE / Aramid corners1340General Service (economical)White Acrylic with PTFE & lubricant & Aramid corners
Acrylic / PTFE1347AFGeneral Service (economical)White Acrylic with PTFE & lubricant
Novoloid / Aramid1030AFGeneral ServiceNovoloid / Aramid with graphite
Novoloid / Aramid1392HGeneral ServiceNovoloid / Aramid with PTFE
Novoloid / Aramid1392SGeneral ServiceNovoloid / Aramid with PTFE & lubricant
Novoloid / Aramid1397General ServiceNovoloid / Aramid with PTFE (yarn pre-coated, softer than 1392S)
ePTFE Graphite1382General Service+ePTFE Graphite with added lubrication. Good value and all-around packing
"Dry" PTFE Graphite1387General ServicePacking with no added lubrication made from GORE® G2 Fiber
ePTFE Graphite1389 GFO®General Service+100% GFO® packing
One of the best packings on the market and often imitated around the world. Recommended for most industrial applications unless high temperature (over 550F / 288C), need white packing or very abrasive slurry.