Style 1387

Product Data

Material:ePTFE/Graphite packing
Construction:Interwoven™ braided packing ePTFE/Graphite with no lubricant
Temperature Limit:-400°F to 550°F (-240°C to 288°C)
ph Range:0 – 14 (all fluids except strong oxidizers in the 0-2 pH range, such as oleum, fluorine, fuming nitric acid and aqua regia)
Shaft Speed:3800 fpm (19.3 m/s)
Pressure:5,500 psi in plunger pumps
2,500 psi in valves
800 psi in pumps and turbines


Palmetto Style 1387 is premium PTFE Graphite packing with no added lubrication, which generally results in less tightening required. We consider 1387 the “dry" PTFE/Graphite packing, which can help prevent extrusion from pressure.
1387 recommended for static, reciprocating or hydraulic type applications. Ideal for large turbines since requires fewer adjustments to seal. Okay for use in rotating pumps, but not recommended for fast shaft speeds.

How to Order

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Typical Applications