About Palmetto

At the forefront of industrial improvements, since 1889

Palmetto's roots lie in the Manhattan Braiding Company. Established in 1889, the Manhattan Braiding Company manufactured quality, innovative flax packings and was among the first in the world to provide self-lubricating capabilities for packing materials. Greene, Tweed & Co., now a global leader in custom-engineered solutions for a variety of industries, purchased this successful business in 1889, leading to an exciting time of growth and opportunity.

In 1891, the company achieved a new level of success in the industrial market with the development of a new packing braid. This material delivered superior performance with long steam service while retaining softness and lubricity to minimize the risk of pump failures. In fact, it was this new material that gave our company the Palmetto name for its palm tree patterned braiding.

In 1928, the Palmetto brand grew when it was chosen for the ship "The City of New York." Commanded by Admiral Byrd and bound for Antarctica, the crew was seeking to improve the ship's functioning in harsh conditions by using Palmetto's synthetic packing material.

In 1987 Palmetto became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greene, Tweed & Co., opening a new manufacturing facility in Denton, Maryland. With a focus on high-performance braids for a wide variety of markets, Palmetto delivers a diverse product portfolio around the world, from North America to Asia and Europe.

Palmetto remains at the forefront of industrial improvements, developing new packing materials for our customers. We are committed to bringing you the most effective packings on the market and will continue our investment in new solutions to meet your most critical sealing requirements.