Packing Products

Packing Discounts & Specials

Small Pieces
Palmetto offers significant discounts (often 10-25%) for smaller pieces. These are generally pieces smaller than 5 feet in length.

Non-standard packing sizes
Sometimes we have excess inventory of non-standard or slow-moving packing sizes that we offer discounts to reduce our inventory. In some cases, we can calendar (squeeze) a non-standard size into a standard size packing.

Inventory Closeouts
Packings that we designate as Inventory Closeout, means once we have sold all the inventory of this packing style, we plan to either discontinue making the product or only manufacture to order.

Factory Seconds
These are packings that are still functional and useable, but may have some cosmetic issues.

Please ask your Palmetto sales representative if there are any packing discounts or specials available.