Style 1347AF

Product Data

Material: PTFE Impregnated Syn-Tex™
Construction: InterwovenTM braid
pH Range: 2 – 12
Pressure Limit: 500 psi (34 bar)
Shaft Speed: 2300 fpm (11.7 m/s)
Temperature Limit: -10ºF to 450ºF (-23ºC to 232ºC)
Datasheet 1347AF


Palmetto Syn-Tex™, style 1347AF, is a cost-effective combination of absorbent synthetic-textile staple yarn. The “thirsty” nature of this proprietary yarn permits a 50 percent pick-up of virgin PTFE suspensoid. This protects fibers from chemical attack, reduces running friction, and enahances sealability. The material’s low gland follower squeeze extends packing and sleeve life and decreases motor energy draw. The entire packing is saturated in our proprietary break-in lubricant, improving initial start-up and preventing overheating and glazing.

Style 1347AF is proven in centrifugal pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators and knife gate valves.


  • Soft, flexible and thoroughly lubricated Syn-Tex extends sleeve life and reduces down time.
  • Conformable material accepts difficult environments such as shaft runout, end play or misalignment.
  • Noncontaminating/nonstaining materials prevent product rejections.
  • Low initial cost reduces maintenance overhead.
  • Special petroleum-based lubricant reduces the need for adjustments during break-in periods.

How to Order

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