Style 1340

Product Data

Material: TFE-impregnated Syn-Tex™ yarn, with Aramid corners
Construction: Interwoven™ braid
pH Range: 2 – 12
Pressure Limit: 1500 psi (103 bar)
PV Factor: 375,000
Surface Speed: 2300 fpm (11.7 m/s)
Temperature Limit: -10°F to 500°F (-23°C to 260°C)


Style 1340 utilizes Aramid on the corners with Syn-Tex in the middle for an economical solution with unmatched extrusion and abrasion resistance in high-pressure or abrasive slurry service.

In areas where graphite cannot be tolerated, style 1340 provides long non-contaminating service. And Syn-Tex holds over 50 percent PTFE dispersion providing excellent sealability.

Typical Applications

Pumps and valves in general to abrasive conditions, e.g., slurries, salt solutions, high-pressure applications where a clean packing is required

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired