Style 1382

Product Data

Material: ePTFE/Graphite with an inert lubricant
Construction: InterwovenTM braid
Temperature Limit: -400°F to 550°F (-240°C to 288°C)
ph Range: 0 – 14 (all fluids except strong oxidizers in the 0-2 pH range, such as oleum, fluorine, fuming nitric acid and aqua regia)
Shaft Speed: 3800 fpm (19.3 m/s)
Pressure: 450 psi pump
1,500 psi valves


Palmetto style 1382 is a lower cost alternative to 1389 (stenciled 100% GFO®) that will not harm shaft sleeves. Excellent heat dissipation prevents glazing and scoring, increasing packing and sleeve service life. In addition, less energy is used to turn the shaft and a lower leak-off may be attained.

Typical Applications

1382 is recommended for rotating pumps and valves in virtually any chemical or abrasive slurry. It is an excellent choice for sludge, paper, chemical and mining pumps. Especially effective in asphalt pumps.

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired
Datasheet 1382 Table