Style 1007AF

Product Data

Material: Graphite Impregnated Syn-Tex™
Construction: InterwovenTM braid
pH Range: 3 – 11
Pressure Limit: 100 psi (6.9 Bar)
PV Factor: 425,000
Temperature Limit: -10ºF to 450ºF (-23ºC to 232ºC)
Shaft Speed: To 2400 fpm (12 m/s)
Datasheet 1007AF


Style 1007AF is a graphite InterwovenTM braid Syn-Tex yarn. Each strand of our exclusive synthetic textile yarn is heavily impregnated with graphite and a proprietary viscous grease prior to braiding. The graphite particles conduct heat through the body of the packing, delivering enhanced heat dissipation versus surface coatings. The special lubricant is engineered to leach out of the packing, to lower frictional heat, and automatically reduce the release of internal lubricant. This self-adjusting flow increases packing and sleeve life.

Typical Applications

Centrifugal pumps, mixers, agitators, and reactors handling mild acids, mild caustics, steam, oils, brine, slurries and water. Reciprocating plunger pumps in sewage treatment.

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired
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