Style 1030AF

Product Data

Material: Quadrasyn™ composite containing Kynol®/Aramid heavily impregnated with exclusive Impregloid™ solid impregnant/lubricant
Construction: Plaited (square) braid
pH Range: 3 – 11
Shaft Speed: 2000 fpm (10.16 m/s)
Temperature Limit: -400°F to 600°F (-240°C to 316°C)
Pressure Limit: 200 psi (14 bar) in pumps
1200 psi (83 bar) in valves
Datasheet 1030AF


Style 1030AF is designed for a wide variety of rotating and oscillating equipment including pumps, mixers, agitators and blenders.

Style 1030AF is braided from Palmetto’s exclusive Quadrasyn™ composite containing Kynol®/Aramid and heavily impregnated with our Impregloid™ solid lubricant system. Unlike conventional packings, style 1030AF does not employ a liquid lubricant, thus reducing packing shrinkage and the need for constant gland adjustment.

With its unique fiber and lubricant, 1030AF delivers exceptionally high sealability with lighter gland pressure. This results in lower packing pressure against the shaft or sleeve, causing a substantial decrease in frictional drag, frictional heat and wear. These properties extend packing life, reduce fluid loss (less leak-off), lower downtime and increase efficiency (machinery runs cooler with reduced energy consumption).

Style 1030AF is recommended for general service in water, oils, brines, solvents, and mild acids and alkalis.

How to Order

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