Style 1392H

Product Data

Material: PTFE-impregnated Quadrasyn™ composite containing Aramid and Kynol®
Construction: Interwoven™ braid
pH Range: 2 – 12
Shaft Speed: 1200 fpm
Temperature Limit: -10°F to 400°F (-23°C to 200°C)
Pressure Limit: 400 psi (2000 psi in plunger pumps)
Sealability: Lowest clamping pressure to attain low pump leakage


Composite (4) yarns with PTFE. Very good (non-black/graphite) general service packing with great sealability. 1392H has no added lubrication.

Typical Applications

Good for applications like valves or reciprocating pumps.

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired
Datasheet 1392S Table