Product Data

Material: Pure flexible graphite yarn impregnated with high-temperature resin and inert lubricant
Construction: Interwoven™ braid
pH Range: 0 – 14 (except fuming nitric, aqua regia and molten alkali metals)
Frictional Drag: Lowest of all packings
Heat Dissipation: Equal to pure graphite packings
Temperature Limit: -10ºF to 450ºF (-23ºC to 232ºC)
Pressure Limit: 1500 psi (103 bar)
Datasheet Pinnacle


Pinnacle™ combines unmatched heat dissipation, sealability and lubricity to form a packing with extended service life and virtually zero shaft scoring at low-leak off in pumps (no flush required). In valves, an exclusive passive corrosion inhibitor prevents stem pitting.

Typical Applications

  • All rotating applications including general service and acid pumps.

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired
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