Style 5000W

Product Data

Material: Produced from pure expanded flexible graphite with one Inconel® wire around each flexible graphite yarn
Construction: Interwoven™ braid
Temperature Limit: 1200°F (650°C) steam
650°F (343°C) oxidizing atmosphere
6000°F (3300°C) nonoxidizing atmosphere
pH Range: 1 – 14 (all fluids except strong oxidizers in the 1 – 2 pH range, such as oleum, fluorine, fuming nitric acid and aqua regia)
Pressure Limit: 3,500 psi (240 bar)
Datasheet 5000W


5000W is the standard for the most common steam valves in the industry. Superior to braid-over-core offerings, it delivers a positive, leak-free seal that will last for many years. For extreme steam pressure use 5010. Do not use on pump shafts or any dynamic applications.

Typical Applications

The most recommended packing for steam valves, petrochemical and chemical valves, expansion joints, high-temperature groove gasketing and soot blower packing.

How to Order

Specify: style number, size, quantity and packaging desired
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