Style 1371

Product Data

Material: Meta-Aramid/PTFE with inert lubricant
Construction: InterwovenTM braid
Temperature: -10°F to 550°F (-23°C to 288°C)
pH Range: 1 – 14
Pressure Limit: 500 psi
Shaft Speed: 2000 fpm
Datasheet 1371


1371 blends Aramid, PTFE and an inert lubricant for enhanced sealability, strength and chemical resistance. These characteristics provide excellent performance in myriad applications from chemical slurries to fine paper where graphite, TFE glazes and Para-Aramids can not be used.

In applications that require the toughness of an Aramid, the chemical compatibility of PTFE and a contamination free white packing, 1371 is an excellent fit.

How to Order

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