Style 1151, 1152, 1153

1150 Pal-Tamper

“Palmetto Pal-Tamper 3-pc packing tamper set”
The 1150 Palmetto Pal-Tamper is used to install braided/compression seal packing in pumps and valves. It is a 3-pc packing tamper set comprised of 3 adjustable tamping tools ¼”, 3/8” and ½” that can be cut to fit a specific shaft or valve stem size. The material is made of 92 durometer urethane.

Datasheet Pal Tampers 01

You can also purchase Pal-Tampers as a set or individually using the following Palmetto style numbers:
1150 Pal-Tamper 3-pc set
1151 Pal-Tamper ¼”
1152 Pal-Tamper 3/8”
1153 Pal-Tamper ½”

Datasheet Pal Tampers 02